Defining and Doing Things

As I recall, it’s been about around a year already since I have started to pursue an online freelance career. As time passed by, I have been studying and to be honest I have nothing yet significant in my income. However, I am beginning to be definite in the things that I want to do. I have to do it. I have to put it to simplest task so that I would have no choice but to do it. Before, I just do things because I want to. If I feel that I do not have the urge then I would not do it. This is the result maybe of my procrastination. In my mind I am progressing but there is no significant movement.

This time I want to be specific and time bound. No more buts. No more ifs. I have to do it!

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Moving Along

Without persistence, any wish is like a vanishing air. Learning is a pretty big thing. It is essential but one can be swayed by it’s infinite scope. It is useful pretty much not unless you have lost your humanity with it. What do I mean? One is a judge in itself, so do practice pre-caution on doing things. Do not open pandora’s box up until you are ready. Knowledge is like that.

Mesmerized by the thought of being sophisticated, one can forget where they are in truth. With feet flattened down to earth, assess what it is that you want. In the end, that is what will keep you in moving forward.

Who am I to tell these things? I am but a wanderer who tries to thread upon the vast sea of facts. I am trying to find what it is that I want and what it is that is useful. Hope sometimes bleaks out but in the end you have to find that desire to improve. Life is threatening and most of us have been engulfed by its fury. Slowly but surely time eats away in one’s life. Be careful of what you want to learn and be keen enough to stay on the line.

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Taming the Heart and Mind

Every person is given 24 hours. One cannot demand that I need more time to do this or to do that. It is about utilization of the time that has been given to us. It is easy to find fault on how other people use their time. I then realized that I myself has been at fault in wasting time. To put into context, I spend some time in watching anime videos. That’s right, anime videos. It is kind of childish of me and I do not despise it. However as I mature and evaluate my time, is it possible to view other things instead rather than watching anime? There is a lot of arguments going into my mind about this. One cannot be effective all the time. What do I mean? My capacity for learning only has a time frame. Yet then again, if I train my heart and mind to do the things I need to do, maybe I will find satisfaction out of it.

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