Transparency, Content Writing and Reality

All of the pieces are coming together. I used to think that I can do everything in one swoosh. Web Design is much complex as I thought it could be. However it is not impossible to learn. Honestly I have the right tools already. I have the camera that I can use to get the pictures I want. Not only that, I can also use videos that I want to do the things I need to do. I also learning how to put those things in my media which is the internet. I am an artist and I could never deny that. I also have my hosting and domain already so there is no excuse for me not to produce. I also have the time to properly construct the things I want to. I also have a good job to support whenever I want to study. This is not the time to be slacking off. I just need to settle my mind on what I need to put on my canvas. Life is beautiful. God did not make things to look ugly but sometimes if we are only truthful to the things we reveal over our canvass, most people would find it interesting.

Looking over the state of our nation, there is so much pretention and so much hypocrisy that most of our people grow deaf of what is really eating up our society. There is so much injustice but on the other hand there is also a lot of inconsistencies among those who are poor. Why does the poor is always poor and also why does the rich always rich? It is an argument that has been widely contested by not only those who are poor or rich but actually of everyone. It maybe a factor of being lazy or being someone in power that manipulates everything. One can be poor because he is lazy and one can be rich because he pulls different strings to his advantage. Both of ways are happening however many does not accept the fact or even know of it.

The journalist is me is kicking already but hey, I am planning what to put in my canvass. I should speak more and more of it. What’s been talking about sometimes do not push through but it is better than just allow it to rot somewhere. There will be a time that I would be able to read this article and I am glad to spit my heart out now than never.

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