Moving Along

Without persistence, any wish is like a vanishing air. Learning is a pretty big thing. It is essential but one can be swayed by it’s infinite scope. It is useful pretty much not unless you have lost your humanity with it. What do I mean? One is a judge in itself, so do practice pre-caution on doing things. Do not open pandora’s box up until you are ready. Knowledge is like that.

Mesmerized by the thought of being sophisticated, one can forget where they are in truth. With feet flattened down to earth, assess what it is that you want. In the end, that is what will keep you in moving forward.

Who am I to tell these things? I am but a wanderer who tries to thread upon the vast sea of facts. I am trying to find what it is that I want and what it is that is useful. Hope sometimes bleaks out but in the end you have to find that desire to improve. Life is threatening and most of us have been engulfed by its fury. Slowly but surely time eats away in one’s life. Be careful of what you want to learn and be keen enough to stay on the line.

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Doing What You Enjoy

It took sometime before I made a realization. I am fond of gadgets. I love acquiring them. I think most people do as well but what’s next after acquiring these devices? Devices are made to be used. Somehow people undermine the use of their gadgets. I am also guilty of this. I have purchased things not knowing what they are for and what benefit would it be on my life.

How is this related to what I enjoy doing? Well, I came up with an idea to give people some information about these devices and how they would benefit from it. Social media has been so crowded. It seems that reality has been twisted by it. However, information is true and it can be a big help to anyone. There are times that I have searched for information and the Internet still falls short of it. Why not answer those questions myself?

In reality, people ask the same questions I ask everyday. Surely there is still some questions that are left unanswered. If not they have the false information. People needs the truth. With some knowledge I have, I think I have found the thing I want to do and would be enjoying doing it. I plan to give people the information they deserve. My fellow citizens are not stingy and they can really spend. Well, they need to get the most of their hard-earned money. I think I can help them by providing the right information. That would be the next big project I would indulge myself with. Best of luck for me!

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Working and Studying

It has been quite a while since I have written something on this blog. I went through a ‘little hump’ that hindered me not just in writing but also in studying. Things happen. I continually questioned myself of whether I do need to further my studies. Somehow I got distracted by fun things. It was fun alright but I need to get back on track. As I go further with my studies, I learned how to be wise. How? Studying does not have to be expensive. I continue to seek knowledge but it does not have to be costly.

No one is totally incapable. Most of the time, people does not know what they are really worth. As I go along with this life, I begin to realize that there is something that I can do and I must do it. Thinking and saying things will not prove anything. I have to get on it and do the things I want to achieve. Believe me, it’s tiring. When you think you cannot do anything, that is most likely to be true. What do I mean? It all starts in the mind. Thinking negatively will not bring you to your goals. It is important to look back what loses you have made but you do not need to be stuck. If resources were lost, then get up and try to get them back. Save what you can and continue. The greatest thing is that you can still continue. It is not still the end.

Upon realizing what I really want, I begin to ponder what are my strengths are. Those people who did excel did not give up. They made a way. They have suffered but they succeeded. Without suffering you will not achieve something. Most people get indulged into thinking that they are unfortunate. In turn, they lose what is valuable and important. I do not want to be in list of wannabees. I want to be what I want to be.

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