Coming into Form

I remember the days when someone prominent discouraged me in pursuing my preferred job. Now I am forever grateful for that instance because I am now pursuing the things I want to do. Honestly it is hard to do the things you want to become. The path is not as smooth as you think and there will be instances that will make the ride more rough. Nevertheless, it is more gratifying to pursue things that you want rather than sticking with the same thing that you dislike. Life is not forgiving and most of the time what is in your mind does not come into life unless you put your own life in the line. What does that mean? Basically it is putting your very life into the dream. It may sound very dreamish but in reality it is hard work.

I am in the business where the zeros and ones matter. Logic is everything¬†and whether you spend much time or less time, it all boils down to the result. Humans have a different interpretations of what the result is. Most people have gradients coming from zero to one. However in the world I choose to move, there is only zeros and ones. It’s either you make it or not. I guess that is the life of engineers. Now it does not mean that we are just machines. I do breathe and move and enjoy life. It’s just that I am moving into the place where it really matters. Maybe for some what I am doing right now is just a little thing. I guess the journey is far more rewarding than the destination.

One of the key component I guess is time. Without time, no one could create any form. Most people think about the outcome and they celebrate it very vibrantly but disregard the struggle to achieve the feat. It is really unfair to call it talent when someone gets the success. Much time, effort, sweat and blood was spent to hone such skill. For me, getting there is no more satisfying than fulfilling the things you have in mind.

Before, all I ever got to do is wishful thinking. I keep on saying things that I want to do or accomplish but never really doing it. Sad part is when I bump into a wall, I am quick to give up and never rise again. Standing up is always part of having a form. If you have not yet fallen then maybe you are still under achieving. With great dream comes with so much responsibility. Responsibility means not just standing up but sometimes it will catch you on your knees. Sometimes even so low with your knees still does not accomplish anything. What I have learned is taking heart and moving on is the most important thing. Just don’t stop.

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The Essence of Doing Things

As go along with my career as a IT Service Desk Analyst, I was able to discover a lot things about people and businesses. Intangibles are important. The more I interact with people, I begin to understand that creating something that would help them is not actually easy. However that is the fun part. That is something that I can enjoy. I knew right from the start that I am made to help people. Now that seems to be ironic or counter productive for most but it gives me life. Helping can never be that easy but it can be. When you tend to look at the circumstances of people, you will understand them. Sometimes the issue is not just accomplishing the task.

Time goes by so easily and I also realize that good things end. With that in mind, I want to leave an impact into whatever I do. Well honestly everything we do have an impact to this world but what helps people stays on their hearts and minds. Sometimes I think I am just crazy because what I see is what others cannot and would not want to see. I just have to turn it to my advantage. That sounds sinister to some. Advantage does not mean that you are superior to others. What I meant for advantage is an avenue for growth.

Someday I will look again to this writing. I want this to be a reminder that as of the moment I am inspired to do what it is I have to do. Having a thought of being grateful is important to stay in the game. Grudge can kill creativity. Honestly this writing was made for me to culture motivation and creativity, to lessen the stress and to find ways to continue.

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Exposure, Architect and the Doer

Pursuit of wisdom does not only include learning spiritual things. For one to thrive in this informational age, he needs to know what is the current. Now one may argue that it is being worldly but this is not it. Open mindedness is not just about doing scrupulous things. When we open our minds to new things we just don’t tell ourselves that we are outdated. We are reminded that we can change and pursue greater things.

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